A bit of optimism about the bright spots before the election

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NEW: This is the line of students at UW Madison early voting!!!

Don’t write your takes on the youth vote yet. Young people are still out here fighting. pic.twitter.com/mWwxsmdb17

— Sunrise Movement 🌅 (@sunrisemvmt) November 4, 2022

Detroit Free Press:

Michigan AG race: Nessel lead over DePerno grows, but still very close

The days are getting shorter, but Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s lead over GOP challenger Matthew DePerno is getting larger, according to a new poll commissioned by the Free Press and its statewide media partners.

That does not mean DePerno can’t win. In fact, new polling still shows signs that should be concerning for Nessel ahead of Tuesday’s election, experts said. They indicate Michiganders might see an upset next week, or the chance for election fraud allegations from those with a track record of presenting unfounded accusations.

Polling shows Nessel leading DePerno 48% to 42%, with 3% picking third-party candidates and 7% undecided. Nessel’s lead is outside the poll’s 4-percentage-point margin of error, and it’s a slightly bigger advantage than other recent surveys in the last poll conducted by EPIC-MRA, a Lansing-based polling company.

“I would be concerned if I were Dana Nessel and her campaign,” said Bernie Porn, president of EPIC-MRA.

“Republicans will vote for a ham sandwich if it has an ‘R’ next to it,” Porn said, chuckling.

MI has more good news than bad despite the write up, as Nessel is the most endangered of the big three (Gov. Gretchen Whitmer leads by 11, SOS Jocelyn Benson leads by 10, the pro-abortion initiative also leads by 14 in the polls with few undecided, so her lead is welcome news.)

David Rothkopf and Bernard Schwartz/Daily Beast:

Republicans Are Bad for the Economy. Here’s Why.

A recent Pew poll concluded nearly eight in 10 voters said the economy will be “very important” to their voting decisions. Another such poll, by ABC News and Ipsos, showed that almost half of respondents cited either the economy or inflation as the issue about which they were most concerned. The poll indicated that concerns about the economy and inflation are “much more likely to drive voters towards Republicans.”

But that impulse is not only ill-considered, every bit of available evidence makes clear that the GOP is the wrong party to which to turn if you seek better U.S. economic performance in the future.

In fact, it is not close. When it comes to the economy, the GOP is the problem and not the solution. If anything, it is a greater obstacle to our economic well-being today than it has ever been.


Basically the opposite of NJ GOV in 2021, where Dem voters didn’t show up because the race was so sleepy. Zeldin getting so much coverage wakes up a lot of Democrats. https://t.co/TDWgmsMzTa

— Drew Savicki 🦃🦃🦃 (@DrewSav) November 4, 2022


Brexit adding to cost-of-living crisis, Mark Carney says

Brexit has added to the UK’s economic woes by lowering the value of the pound and contributing to price rises, an ex-Bank of England governor has said.

Mark Carney told the BBC the fall in the pound and shrinking economy after the UK left the EU had added to “inflationary pressure”.

No 10 says soaring prices are being driven by Covid and the Ukraine war.


Good news on COVID-19 variants. The current sub-lineages BQ.1s & XBBs are not causing a deadly wave of infections in world. In South Africa, which many times see things early in Omicron evolution BQ1s & XBB low prevalence & no cause for great concern.

— Tulio de Oliveira (@Tuliodna) November 4, 2022

Patrick Boyle/AAMC:

Why do people believe medical misinformation?

Anxiety, confusion, and distrust of institutions drive people to accept harmful medical myths, researchers say. A mother’s experience shows the allure of compelling but unproven tales.

“Myths are believable to many people today,”Ross McKinney, MD, chief scientific officer at the AAMC, said at a biomedical researchers conference in May. “The myth is equal to what is real.”

“Myth” is the apt word, because purveyors o fmisinformation and disinformation often succeed by telling stories. They employ falsehoods and twist facts to build tales for people who are anxious about an issue, confused by conflicting claims, and wary of answers from authorities.Although public attention fixates on conspiracy extremists who live in fact-free alternative realities, many if not most of those who accept these stories are what’s been called “informationally adrift.”

“Drowning in a sea of articles, videos, memes,and posts, they don’t have a firm grip on what to believe,” human rights advocate Suzanne Nossel, JD, explained in Slate.

How is this different than politics?

Here’s the latest from Nevada voting:


This is what I said about significant increases in young voters at higher rates than 2020 the last few days. Seems confirmed. Basically, it suggests EDay will be younger and more Dem than 2020. Not necessarily “normal”, but not the same Rep heavy EDay.https://t.co/YKOtEUbWDx

— Dr. John R. Samuelsen (@JohnRSamuelsen) November 5, 2022


Inside the high-wire decision to suspend Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving

As it turned out, the redemptive arc that [Nets owner Joe] Tsai had imagined for his star had devolved into what the owner felt was a repetitive exercise in Irving’s betrayal of good faith, sources said. For nearly a week, Tsai kept extending the clock to give Irving a chance to get this right for himself, the franchise and the Jewish community — and Irving never returned a single of his text messages, sources said. Almost a week later, Irving had shown no inclination to deliver an apology, nor a disassociation of the movie’s contents, nor a willingness to answer “No” when asked if he held antisemitic beliefs.

NY Times:

Kyrie Irving’s Links to Antisemitism Horrify His Many Jewish Fans

In New York City, the second-largest Jewish population center in the world, Nets fans are appalled and frightened.

“This year, it’s just been too much. This sealed the deal for me,” said Mr. Albin, who recalled having swastikas drawn on the door of his college dorm room. “It just brought all the memories back.”

At least for now, Mr. Albin no longer plans to watch games.

“Even if they turn it around and become contenders again, I’m not going to have that same feeling,” he said. “I’m just going to try to walk away — I can’t root for them right now.”

Brooklyn is not a place that will tolerate antisemitism.


Strong jobs report..lots of hiring, broad based, and wage growth is slowing slight. The Fed just might get us that soft landing

— Betsey Stevenson (@BetseyStevenson) November 4, 2022

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