After firing at a teen eating McDonald’s in his car, rookie cop is off the force

San Antonio Police Department: Critical Incident Video Release 11700 Blanco

The car can be seen rolling backward when the teen opened the door, but it’s unclear if he shifted gears or if the car simply slipped backward when he took his foot off the brake.

San Antonio Current reports that Brennand is a probationary officer with just seven months on the job (and apparently a lightning-fast and careless trigger finger).

The following video contains gun violence that may be triggering for some viewers. 

The teen and his female passenger (who was not injured) were later found down the road. Cantu was taken to the hospital, where he was rushed into surgery. As of Friday, NBC News reports, his condition remains unknown.

The police report states that Brennand performed CPR on Cantu until emergency services arrived.

Those who know Cantu are surprised by his alleged wrongdoing. About Cantu, Christopher Montalvo, who worked with the victim, tells KSAT, “Good laughs, just normal human being stuff. Nothing really serious. I never got a bad vibe from (Cantu). … He was always a really good guy to me, and he always respected me. Every time I told him to do something, he always did it, and he worked hard.”

Cantu is charged with evading detention and assault on an officer, KSAT reports.

Brennand is off the force.

Chief William McManus tells NBC News, “The former Officer’s actions are indefensible and do not align with our training, tactics and procedures. […] As such, I terminated him. I will withhold further comment as this incident is still under investigation.”

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