Elon Musk Agrees To Unban Talib Kweli Thanks To Dave Chappelle

Elon Musk Agrees To Unban Talib Kweli Thanks To Dave Chappelle

During a recent stand-up show, Dave Chappelle got Elon Musk to agree to undo a Twitter ban that was levied against rapper Talib Kweli back in 2020.

Dave Chappelle’s Audience Was Icy Towards Elon Musk

Dave brought Elon out as a surprise guest during his Sunday night show at the Chase Center in San Francisco. However, the audience wasn’t too thrilled to see Twitter’s new CEO, and they proceeded to shower him in boos.

Chappelle acknowledged the phenomenon by succinctly noting, “It sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience.”

elon musk getting boo’ed by thousands of people at dave chappelle’s show last night… a little treat to start your week pic.twitter.com/QRHnOwyGG5

— matt (@mattxiv) December 12, 2022

Dave Put Elon On The Spot

In addition to getting mercilessly booed onstage, Elon was also put in somewhat of an awkward position thanks to a request Dave made regarding Talib Kweli. The rapper, who was opening for the comedian, was right alongside Elon when Dave asked Twitter’s CEO for a favor.

According to SFGATE, while Elon and Talib were standing mere feet away from each other, Dave asked Musk to unban his account. Given the circumstances, Elon agreed, though Talib hasn’t yet resurfaced on the platform.

“For the honor of bringing him on stage, Dave Chappelle did ask Elon for a favor, to unban his friend Talib Kweli from Twitter.

Kweli was standing five feet away from Musk during the request so the Twitter CEO didn’t have much choice but to agree”https://t.co/HZuXIaRfvC

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) December 13, 2022

What To Know About Talib Kweli’s Ban

Talib was banned from Twitter back in July 2020, according to Jezebel. He was “permanently suspended” due to “repeated violations of Twitter rules” relating to harassment.

However, because of Jezebel‘s reporting on the matter, Talib wound up suing the publication for “emotional distress” back in August 2022. He also alleged that he “went into a depression state of loss of appetite, sleeplessness, edgy, anxiety, and discomfort around certain women” after the publication reported on the antics that led up to his Twitter ban.

Additionally, after being called out online, Talib claimed he “never harassed anyone in [his] life” in an Instagram post on Monday.

What do you think about Dave Chappelle getting Elon Musk to agree to unban Talib Kweli from Twitter? Also, are your thoughts on Elon getting booed by the audience?

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