Elon Musk indulges in a personal purge of journalists from Twitter

Rupar suspension

As of of 9:30 PM Eastern, the number of journalists affected by the purge continued to grow.

Rupar suspension
No clue still on why Rupar was suspended.

Olbermann suspension
Olbermann appears to have been taken down simply for screenshotting the post of others.

Herman suspension
VOA is an independent government agency, counted on for information around the world.

The full list includes: 

Aaron Rupar: Substack author and popular Twitter presence whose account was taken down for reasons unknown.

Drew Harwell: Washington Post technology reporter. Reason unknown.

Ryan Mac: New York Times technology reporter. Recently posted concerning the ElonJet story.

Donie O’Sullivan: CNN reporter. Last post was a story about Elon’s claim that a “crazy stalker” had followed a car in which his son was a passenger.

Matt Binder: Mashable reporter. Final post was noting O’Sullivan’s suspension.

Tony Webster: independent journalist.

Micah Lee: Intercept reporter.

Steve Herman: Voice of America reporter.

Keith Olbermann: former MSNBC host and sports journalist. Last post was retweeting those of suspended journalists.

Earlier in the day, Twitter also suspended links from the Mastodon social media site. Now users who include Mastodon links within a Twitter post are getting a warning message that prevents the post from appearing directly on Twitter.

Mastodon warning

CNN has issued a response to O’Sullivan’s suspension.

CNN response to twitter suspension

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