Ex-Fox News producer supercharges lawsuit, alleges network’s lawyers deleted evidence from her phone

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In Grossberg’s amended complaint filed this week, she accused Fox’s lawyers of deleting messages from her phone. The lawsuit says Grossberg gave her phone to Fox lawyers in 2022, and “that certain messages between Ms. Grossberg and Ms. Bartiromo were missing/appeared to have been deleted” when she got the device back from Fox’s team.

The topic of potentially missing or withheld evidence is looming large over the Dominion case. A judge sanctioned Fox on Wednesday for withholding key material from Dominion — audio recordings of Bartiromo talking off-air with Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

Ah, yes. Rudy Giuliani. The scotch-besotted ex-mayor of New York City who, on a good day, looks like the last known photo of a guy who fell over the side of a cruise ship, and on a bad day, looks like Rudy Giuliani. 

He has a starring role in Grossberg’s new filing as well.

The Daily Beast:

Grossberg, who is suing the conservative network for harassment and a toxic work environment, claims that the behind-the-scenes conversations with Giuliani, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and Trump campaign officials featured them admitting they had no evidence to support their Dominion election fraud lies.

Additionally, she says an adviser of former President Donald Trump pointed out the importance of January 6 weeks before the Capitol attacks, noting that the adviser said there were “no issues” with voting machines and January 6 was now the “backstop” for determining the election.

Well, that sounds significant. So what, exactly, was in these tapes?

During a recording in mid-November 2020, according to Grossberg, Giuliani admitted to Bartiromo that the Trump campaign couldn’t prove some of its Dominion allegations. Asked by Bartiromo what evidence he had implicating Dominion in rigging the election, Giuliani allegedly said “that’s a little harder.” He also conceded that he had no evidence to back up the conspiracy theory that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had an interest in Dominion. “I’ve read that. I can’t prove that,” he said.

Who needs evidence when you have Rudy’s liquor-steeped reveries?

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Meanwhile, another Fox News host, Mark Levin, took a page from Donald Trump’s pop-up, scratch-’n’-sniff law school textbook and decided to harangue Eric Davis, the judge overseeing Dominion’s lawsuit, after Davis sanctioned Fox for withholding key evidence in the case.

From Levin’s Westwood One radio show via Media Matters for America:

“So here’s the judge who’s supposed to be impartial, who clearly is not by his own words, and, I would argue, by his rulings. According to Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple, who was in the courtroom for the hearing, the judge’s delivery was deadpan and confused the Fox attorney. That was not the only time [Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric] Davis spoke out in colorful terms about Fox’s coverage in the aftermath of the election, which he’s described in scathing terms throughout this case.

“Judge, why don’t you step aside? This is the big leagues. You may not be able to handle this. It’s gonna go all the way to the US Supreme Court. I haven’t talked to any of the Fox lawyers or the Fox executives or this one. I’m just saying as a lawyer, this is—you’re small potatoes. This is in your courtroom. You’re making a clown show of the thing. You’re obviously biased and partisan the way that you’re ruling.”

Good luck with that, Mark! The one thing you can say about judges is they love being lectured by people who have a vested interest in the lawsuits they oversee. They love that even more than they love condescension from conservative radio hosts.

It sure seems Rupert Murdoch has his pendulous dingo dinglies in a vise, and his network’s troubles are unlikely to resolve anytime soon. Dominion really could prevail in this, even though lawsuits against media companies are notoriously difficult to win.

Maybe making rank dishonesty the central pillar of your business model isn’t such a good idea after all. Who knew?

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