Father Gets New Heart After Missing Transplant Due To Weather

Father Gets New Heart After Missing Transplant Due To Weather

An Alaskan father of seven who spent months waiting for a life-saving transplant after missing his surgery has finally received a new heart.

Patrick Holland, who had congestive heart failure, was initially scheduled to receive a heart transplant at Seattle’s University of Washington Medical Center in December, as previously reported by The Shade Room.

Alaska Father Of Seven Finally Receives New Heart After Missing Transplant Due To Historic Winter Storm

But after historic winter weather grounded all flights and left him stranded at home, he was forced to give his heart to somebody else.

During a recent interview with Alaska Public Radio, the 57-year-old said he decided to temporarily move to Seattle that same week so he wouldn’t “miss another chance.”

After nearly four months of waiting, he finally received his transplant on March 30 after a viable heart became available.

After a long wait, Patrick Holland was enroute AK-WA for a much needed heart transplant. Mother Nature & the vagaries of air travel got in the way, and another patient got the heart that had his name on it. If more of us were designated #organdonors , this wouldn’t be a problem. pic.twitter.com/NxewtwEu4e

— BillCatlette: coach • author • board • speaker (@BillCatlette) December 29, 2022

“It really didn’t feel real,” his wife Haley told CNN, adding that she “barely had time to tell him that I loved him” before he needed to be intubated for surgery.

Holland Is “Slowly Recovering” And Has Had Some Minor Setbacks, Wife Says

She says her husband has been “slowly recovering” ever since. He’s endured some “minor setbacks such as needing a second blood transfusion since his numbers were low.”

“He has ups and downs – minor setbacks such as needing a second blood transfusion since his numbers were low, and his nausea and discomfort ramping up,” she wrote on Monday in a GoFundMe update.

Haley asked for prayers in another Facebook update. On Tuesday, she wrote that her husband began experiencing “some discomfort” after a biopsy and having his pacemaker removed, although she added the procedures “went off without a hitch.”

“It wasn’t long before the transplant surgeon called and told me Patrick had lost a significant amount of blood,” she wrote.

Holland’s Cardiologist Says He’s ‘Trending In The Right Direction’

She added that doctors were not immediately able to find any “obvious cause” but were keeping an eye on him.

“Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts,” Haley wrote.

Patrick’s cardiologist told CNN last week that although “there’s always a few bumps in the road with surgeries like this,” he was “generally trending in the right direction.”

Family Expresses Gratitude To GoFundMe Donors

Haley said it “feels like a miracle” after Patrick, who had a “massive” heart attack in his 20s, can now enjoy life with his new heart.

“It just makes you cry because this isn’t the heart that he was born with,” she told CNN. “It’s very touching and it’s miraculous that Patrick now has this new heart that he’ll be able to enjoy life with.”

The family expressed gratitude for everyone who helped during “the single hardest time in our family’s history.”

“You have helped us get through the single hardest time in our family’s young 18-year history,” Haley wrote in Monday’s GoFundMe update. “We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Those interested in donating can do so here.

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