Fetterman embraces ‘everyman’ status with new ad about recovering from his stroke

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The national media had quite a week making themselves the story in the Pennsylvania Senate race. First, reporters made an issue of Democratic nominee John Fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke he had in May, using closed captioning during an interview and stumbling over a single word. Then other journalists had to clean up the previous journalists’ baseless questioning of Fetterman’s cognitive abilities.

Republicans have sought to make Fetterman’s health an issue in the campaign, in part to take the spotlight off of their very flawed candidate, TV huckster Dr. Mehmet Oz, a recent transplant from New Jersey.

Fetterman, who got back on the campaign trail in August, has been slowly working his way back into the media scrum. But after the dustup this week, he put out an ad Friday in which he discusses his stroke, recovery process, and how it has put him more in touch with the struggles of everyday Pennsylvanians.

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