Fox News says Louisville Mayor asking for blood donations was sharing ‘political thoughts’


In the clip shown below, you can see how Mayor Greenberg’s presser was interrupted by the Fox News crew as they turned down the volume on his feed after he said, “There are so many people who want to do something. That have offered to help, who see this nightmare unfold and want to make it better somehow. We love and appreciate that so much. For those of you looking to take action right now—”

Fox News turned that sound down quickly and the anchor added her own commentary over that, saying:

“So, we’ve been listening to the news conference held by officials after the mass shooting yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky. That is the mayor, Craig Greenberg, who was, ah, expressing some political thoughts there. I’m not sure if all of that was necessary …”

“Political thoughts there.” What exactly were those political thoughts? That people have offered to help? Was it the next part, which Fox News cut away from, where Greenberg literally told the public how “one great way to” help first responders or the victims of gun violence was to “donate blood”? He proceeded to explain that blood is needed to treat people with gunshot wounds and how blood donations are an important and life-saving aspect of our health care system.

Far too “political” for the crew over at Fox News, it seems.


Fox cutting coverage of the mayor during the press conference while he is asking for blood donations: That was the Mayor who was expressing some political thoughts there. I’m not sure if all of that was necessary

— Acyn (@Acyn) April 11, 2023

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