Get $143 Worth of Tan-Luxe Products for Just $30

Get $143 Worth of Tan-Luxe Products for Just $30

If you’re not sure about shopping quite yet, check out these rave reviews.

Tan Luxe Supersize Super Glow SPF 30 & Super Glow Body Reviews


A shopper said, “Perfect Tan. This is a really good product, and doesn’t have that terrible fake tan smell. It goes on light, and you don’t turn out orange, but have a great tan, depending on how much you apply. I always get a compliment on ‘my tan,’ because it looks so natural.”

Another reviewed, “This serum goes on so easily and dries very quickly. This give a subtle tan that builds. No streaking or bad smell.”

Someone else shared, “I am really enjoying these products. There is no smell when applied. I get a subtle color on my face. Goes on smoothly on arms and legs. Not heavy feeling. So far I am very pleased with my purchase.”

“These products give beautiful natural color and no one knows that I’m wearing fake tan ever and of course I love that. The products never smell bad and if they did I would not use them. I have used self tanners for years and this line I think is one of the best out there. I keep color all year round and the ingredients are good for the skin so that is just a bonus, use more of the body serum and get better color,” an HSN customer reviewed.

A shopper explained, “Like all fake tans I was skeptical buying this but I did research on Tan Luxe and found good reviews. You control the color you desire with this product. It’s easy to apply with no unpleasant scent. The outcome for me was surprisingly positive. I have a healthy glow without aging my skin in the hot sun. I recommend this product.”

If you need some help taking off your self-tanner, here’s your guide to effective faux tan removal.

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