Heartless QAnon conspirators show they don’t care about the truth or Damar Hamlin’s family

CINCINNATI, OH - JANUARY 2: Damar Hamlin #3 of the Buffalo Bills tackles Tee Higgins #85 of the Cincinnati Bengals during the first quarter of an NFL football game at Paycor Stadium on January 2, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

In an Elon Musk-controlled Twitter world, QAnon began floating conspiracy theories and racist tropes almost immediately, pumping out in significant volume claims that vaccines had led to this outcome or that they might be okay with this outcome because the player was Black. There is only one word for it: despicable.

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Any accounts claiming that vaccines caused Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest catch an immediate block.

Apart from the fact that it’s highly, highly unlikely to be a vaccine injury, it’s ghoulish and utterly repulsive to exploit a person’s life to further anti-vax bullshit.

— Dr. Angela Rasmussen (@angie_rasmussen) January 3, 2023

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While doctors took to Twitter and every news source possible to explain the problem, QAnon supporters offered their own, medical-free assessment, and thanks to the Twitter platform and social media, they are allowed to market their non-scientific assessment and influence others who buy into that absolute garbage. Rasmussen, a conservative pollster, makes this problem pretty clear:

Nearly half of Americans think COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims.

With absolutely no scientific degrees, no research, and no real understanding of how things work, QAnon is far busier in “scoring points” on the life of someone else, refusing to acknowledge that Hamlin’s heart attack had nothing to do with COVID.

While he remains in critical condition, this ghoulish post came from a Twitter verified account and stoked the beliefs of those who want to believe in conspiracies. Thank you again, Musk, for giving conspirators their paid-for blue checkmark. 


Chris Pronger suffered commotio cordis after taking a slap shot to the chest in 1998.

Praying for a similar recovery and outlook for Damar Hamlin…Pronger was back on the ice weeks later and played 12 more seasons en route to the Hockey Hall of Fame. 🙏pic.twitter.com/qYfT8kv66s

— Ryan Clifford (@RyanClifford) January 3, 2023

Commotio cordis occurs when a person is hit in the chest and that impact triggers a dramatic change in the rhythm of their heart.

Right now, per ESPN, Damar Hamlin remains in ICU Tuesday morning, recovering from a heart attack. Fans of both teams joined outside overnight through the morning to send goodwill. 

His family has expressed thanks for all the support and encouraged continued donations to his charity, one aimed at bringing toys to needy children. Before this injury, the charity had a goal of $2,500. As of today, the charity has raised more than $3 million. 

QAnon and anti-vaxxer conspiracists online are more than content to use anything to get their five minutes of fame. How sad for them that they cannot find the humanity to know that these young men are risking their bodies to entertain and live out their dreams. Hamlin and his family deserve far better than to be a punchline. 

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