Joie Chavis Says Shai Moss Wants To Be A ‘Normal Kid’ (Video)

Joie Chavis Says Shai Moss Wants To Be A 'Normal Kid' (Video)

Lil’ Bow Wow was one of the hottest names in the early 2000s, from music to movies. But his daughter Shai Moss isn’t interested in following his early footsteps. Her mother, Joie Chavis, recently explained why her daughter has been appearing less on social media.

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Shai has lovingly become an “innanet niece” as the 12-year-old showed child star promise. In recent years, she’s landed acting credits in the series, “We Got This,” “Side Hustle,” and the movie “A Screenshot to Santa.” She’s also wowed social media users by how easily she keeps up with Joie Chavis on the dance floor!

Shai Moss Asked Joie Chavi To Post Her Less

Still, Chavis says her daughter is steering clear of the child star lane. She revealed how Shai feels in a recent YouTube video.

The mother, who also shares a son with rapper Future, says several of her followers have asked about Shai’s absence on social media. While sitting inside a vehicle, Joie explained Shai’s specific request.

“Shai will not let me record her. You guys see it, you guys see it in the video. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s because she’s about to be a teenager. She’s literally going to be 13 in six months,” Joie said. “She just does not like being recorded. She’s like, ‘Mom, stop, mom, mom, stop’ every time I have to sneak and do it. And even when I sneak and do it, she gets so mad.”

Looking “crazy” is Shai’s usual excuse for waving away the camera. But, Chavis says Shai Moss’ reaction is the same whether the pre-teen has her hair done or not.

Joie says she has asked Shai to identify why she doesn’t like the video recording. At the core of it, the daughter of the hip hop legend wants a normal childhood, her mother says.

“‘I just don’t want to be recorded, like, I don’t want to do that. And I also don’t want to act either,’” Joie explained as per what Shai told her. “‘I feel like you and my dad are trying to pressure me and I just don’t want to do it, I just want to be a kid. I just want to go to school and you know be a kid, play sports and have friends. I just want to be a kid.’”

As for Chavis, she says Shai Moss could be “out here getting to the bag. But the mother says she has no plans to pressure her daughter into stardom. Joie says Shai Moss’ showed her dislike for the camera in a recent TikTok dance upload (see below).


Lemme see you do ittttt 💓

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Shai sliding out of the spotlight comes on the heels of her father sharing his regrets about having childhood fame. In September, he shared a post admitting he’s never been to prom or college and had dreams of pledging a fraternity.

“Y’all think I’m lucky because of my lifestyle, but I really want what y’all have,” Shad Moss wrote on the Instagram upload.

See Joie’s comments below.

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