Match’s Stir is a new dating app for single parents

Match's Stir is a new dating app for single parents

Match announced Stir, a new dating app to connect single parents.


Match, one of the world’s largest dating companies, launched its latest dating app on Monday, called Stir.

Stir is meant for connecting single parents, a community of 20 million in the U.S. that “are oftentimes underserved on mainstream dating apps,” the company said in a release.

The app lets users display what is typically their “me time,” away from obligations and kids, so matches can easily coordinate calendars.

“We’re dedicated to giving single parents a dating experience where they are celebrated and feel like they can be themselves. With that, our hope is that they can truly focus on having a personal life beyond navigating parenthood,” Match Group’s VP of New Verticals Dinh Thi Bui said in a statement.

Match is a division of Match Group, which owns more than a dozen apps, including the widely used Tinder, OK Cupid and Hinge. But the company has been expanding its portfolio to include communities that may not be served by traditional apps. For example, Our Time, a dating site for people over 50, and Hawaya, an app for Muslim singles, are under the company’s umbrella.

The wide portfolio of apps could help the company reach users who may not feel comfortable or like they can find what they’re looking for on other dating platforms.

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