Nia Long Says She’s ‘Single AF’ Amid Omarion Speculation

Nia Long Says She's 'Single AF' Amid Omarion Speculation

Social media was excited over the prospect of Nia Long and Omarion potentially being an item, though the actress clarified that she’s “single AF!”

Nia BRIEFLY Grabbed Omarion’s Hand At Premiere Of You People

The speculation about Nia and Omarion stems from footage of the pair together at the premiere of You People.

Specifically, Omarion uploaded a short video of him alongside Nia, and it showed the actress pulling him by the hand for a brief moment.

While the gesture was more of a hand pull, it wasn’t as egregious as if they were actually holding hands. However, this interaction was enough to spark some fun conversation and humorous reactions on social media!

Social Media Immediately Reacts To The Speculation

After Omarion uploaded this clip, people on Twitter started buzzing about the matter.

Many humorously expressed how devastated they were by the prospect of them being together.

Me every time I think of Omarion bagging Nia Long..

— Fungai M🌟 (@fuji_205) January 20, 2023

Omarion and Nia Long…🙄🥴🤣

— FiftyShadesOfQwae (@SementhaJones) January 20, 2023

However, others wanted to crack some jokey-jokes instead.

#nialong said to Omarion 🤣

— Josh (@KickDatGospel) January 20, 2023

Nia Long when she see Omarion in her neighborhood#NiaLong #Omarion

— 1_ofakindnocap (@1_ofakindnocap) January 20, 2023

It was also speculated that Omarion may have attracted Nia with a particular set of skills, which were put on display with a watermelon during his Verzuz.

Nia didn’t forget what Omarion did to that watermelon

— 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓠 🦂 (@PrettyB_Gawdess) January 20, 2023

They said Nia Long saw Omarion eat that watermelon and tryna see what that be like 🤣🤣🤣

— Lavenio Johnson (@Slim_Not_Slim) January 20, 2023

Nia’s The Best Man costar Taye Diggs was also brought up, as he’s dating Apryl Jones—Omarion’s ex.

if Omarion & nia long are dating that’s a plot twist i did not know i needed 🤣🤣 april w/ Harper and Omarion w/ jordan

— playermade ashley (@mhzsavaqe) January 20, 2023

Imagine Nia Long & Omarion having a dinner date with Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs,😭OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT MEET UP LOL CO-STARS DATING EXES!😱Omarion making chess moves ♟️all while being petty low key. Lol 😂 ain’t mad at cha lol 😂

— DJ Jay Erica (@DJJAYERICA) January 20, 2023

Wait. Taye is dating Apryl and Nia may be dating Omarion lol, ok Best Man Final FINAL Chapter

— Darling Mikki (@OkSoMik) January 20, 2023

All in all, plenty of users were cutting up about the optics of the video.


— ❦ j͡o͡t͡a͡r͡o͡’s͡ p͡l͡a͡t͡i͡n͡u͡m͡ t͡o͡p (@MadameScorpio_) January 20, 2023

Nia Long grab my hand like that and she’ll be in court like

— nafsi kuu (@nileroots_) January 20, 2023

Aht Aht! Nia Steps Into The Shade Room To Clarify: ‘Simmer Down!’

With all the buzz about Nia and Omarion, the actress swooped in and clarified that—despite the optics—she’s actually “single AF.” She also straight-up asked for “everybody to simmer down.”

So, while Nia and Omarion aren’t together, at least various Twitter users got to kiki about the celebrities for a quick minute!

Do you think the speculation was unwarranted, or do you think Omarion knew what he was doing by posting video of the interaction?

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