Questions about Santos’ finances may be the most damaging, and the questions keep coming

Newly elected Republican Representative from New York George Santos attends the US House of Representatives voting for new speaker at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 4, 2023. - The new Republican-led House was engulfed in crisis for a second day running Wednesday after a fresh round of voting failed to produce a winner in the race for speaker. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

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The Washington Post reports that Intrater and Santos seem to have had business dealings early on in Santos’ first attempt to run for Congress, back when he was still working for Harbor City, the Ponzi scheme. The Post got footage of an internal Harbor City Zoom meeting at which Santos claimed Columbus Nova as a client he’d hooked.

You might know who they are,” Santos said on the recording. “They’ve made the news on several occasions. They were heavily involved with the Russia probe. Unjustified.”

If this sounds like Santos lying again, there’s reason for that: In Harbor City Zoom meetings viewed by the Post, he claimed ties to other prominent investors who denied any dealings with him. And more generally, we know by now that if Santos is claiming to have done something impressive, we should be asking if it’s a lie.

But an exhibit from the SEC case against Harbor City suggests that Santos may really have gotten Intrater to invest. Harbor City got “a $625,000 deposit from a company registered in Mississippi that identifies Intrater as its lone officer, according to an exhibit included in the SEC’s complaint against Harbor City. The alleged deposit, which is undated, is included in a chart that lists several entities that the SEC says made payments to Harbor City,” the Post reports.

In other words, the one time Santos may have been telling the truth was when he told fellow employees at a Ponzi scheme (he has not been alleged to be in on the scheme) that he had gotten the cousin/close business associate of a Russian oligarch to invest. Vekselberg and his company were already under sanction for at the time of Intrater’s 2020 investment in Harbor City, having been sanctioned by the Treasury Department in 2018 for connection to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “malign activity around the globe.”

How did Santos get connected with Intrater before he was a serious candidate for anything and while he was working at a dubious company? Did he really convince Intrater to invest in a Ponzi scheme, or was Intrater’s company’s investment in Harbor City a total, freaky coincidence with Santos’ claim to have hooked Columbus Nova as a client? What’s the relationship between that and Intrater’s large campaign contributions to Santos in 2022? And, perhaps most significantly, what else is out there on this relationship?

It doesn’t look like the flood of questions about Santos is slowing anytime soon, and with his finances being the area of his lies most likely to lead to significant criminal or civil charges, new information about possible sources of shady money is particularly relevant.


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