‘Racist’ Judge In Divorce Case Called My Ex-Wife A B****

'Racist' Judge In Divorce Case Called My Ex-Wife A B****

Tyrese is calling out the “racist” judge in his ongoing divorce case with Samantha Lee Gibson. The singer claims the judge called his ex-wife a b**** while Tyrese asked him to be recused.

The 44-year-old admitted in a 30-minute Instagram video that while the couple is “no longer together,” he has “never referred to the mother of [his] child as a b****.”

“Now listen, we ain’t together no more, we have our share of issues,” he said. “But I have never referred to the mother of my child as a b****. To hear this man — this white man — on the bench, wearing a black robe, who is supposed to represent the law, to refer to my ex-wife and the mother of my child as a b****… why is he still on the stand?’”

Tyrese also accused the judge in the case, Kevin M. Farmer, of being a “racist” after reportedly calling her a b**** in his chambers in front of Tyrese’s attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham.

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Tyrese will be at Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. for a divorce hearing. He called on Black men and fathers, the Nation of Islam, and civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, to join him outside the courthouse.

The actor said the meet will be “for a prayer on behalf of the family law courts system that someway, somehow tends to lean in the favor of the other side.” He even invited media outlets.


Tyrese’s Legal Team Tried But Failed To Remove Judge From Ongoing Divorce Case

The Fast & The Furious star also said his lawyers were working to have Judge Farmer recused from the case over the alleged racism and “unprofessionalism. However, the lawyers were unable to remove him.

“We tried to get him recused, we tried to get him thrown off the bench because of his conduct and his unprofessionalism. And then there were a bunch of things pertaining to the outcome of my case that he did that was literally illegal,” he said.

Not The First Time Tyrese And Judge Have Had Issues, Actor Invokes Death Of George Floyd

Tyrese and Judge Farmer have previously butted heads, with the actor irking the judge after arguing with his ex-wife’s attorney over child support issues during a hearing back in Aug. 2022.

Tyrese ended his recent rant by harkening on the death of George Floyd and described himself as an arbiter of justice in the family courts system.

“It takes a George Floyd to change the law,” he said. “It takes a Tyrese to be vocal and outspoken about real sh*t that’s going on in the criminal justice system along with the family law courts system.”

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