Sloppy graffiti busts MAGA man, forcing a guilty plea of vandalizing his home and blaming antifa


Back in 2020, Molla tried to strike a conciliatory note about how “It doesn’t matter what party we are, Republican, Democratic — I think this is just over and beyond terrible.” It wasn’t over, of course. Molla needed to put in a $300,000 insurance claim for the damage as well as crowdsource close to $80,000 pretending he was the victim of BLM and Biden hooligans. Molla was able to pull in about $61,000 from the insurance and $17,000 from his GoFundMe before prosecutors put the brakes on his cry-baby crime.

From the beginning, many looked at the strange mixed message of vandalism: BLM. Joe Biden for president in 2020. Anarchists? Antifa? At the time, Molla told WCCO that the first thing he thought about as the fire raged was “my kids, my wife, what’s going on? It just shocked me.” He proceeded to say the tragically ironic: “This kind of stuff should not happen, especially over beliefs of some sort.”

Molla cried through the Tuesday court proceedings where he pled guilty to one of the counts of wire fraud in a plea deal that ensures he doesn’t receive the maximum sentence of 20 years. Instead, he will face up to four years in prison when he is sentenced by the judge at a later date. 

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