Social Media Reacts To TikTok-Famous ‘Talking Dog’ Questioning Its Existence

Social Media Reacts To TikTok-Famous ‘Talking Dog’ Questioning Its Existence

A dog named Bunny has got people in their feels, and it’s all because of some messages that the pet has communicated by using specialized buttons.

The Run-Down On @WhatAboutBunny

People may have seen Bunny through some of the many viral videos posted to the @whataboutbunny TikTok account over the years. Many of these happily show Bunny using specialized buttons on the floor to communicate messages, which her owners trained her to do.

Through these videos, the Sheepadoodle has gained over 8 million TikTok followers, and she’s been featured in Buzzfeed and The New York Times.


When we first started learning with pronouns Bunny experimented constantly til she got it right. She’s a tenacious little pony. #pronouns #grammar #smartdog #andGO

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

This method of communication is known as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), which “means all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking,” according to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

However, some of these uploads have recently captured waves of attention, as they appear to show Bunny using the buttons to express existential dread and confusion. In one video, she repeatedly signals “concern” and “big sad” while asking for Fluoxetine, which is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder.


Never quite sorted out how to answer this one #cutedog #existentialcrisis #bunnythedog #funnydog

♬ original sound – I am Bunny


Buns has been on Fluoxetine for GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) since the beginning of 2022. When I give it to her I say “this is for all done sad and all done concerned” It’s been hugely helpful in combination with our management and behavior modification plans, and this clip seems to show that Buns too has an understanding of how helpful it’s been #mentalhealthishealth #anxiety #depression #smartdog

♬ original sound – I am Bunny


Bunny: Bringing you existential content since dogs could talk #bunnythedog #talkingdog #fypシ #aac #WeekendVibes #doggos

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

Twitter Users React With Concern

While Bunny’s already well known on TikTok, one user called attention to the dog having an “existential crisis” on Twitter, and tons of new users weighed in on the situation.

Y’all remember that dog on tiktok that was trained to communicate with those buttons??

Why the fuck the dog on antidepressants now and having an existential crisis asking why it’s a dog…………

— The Rogue Princess (@ShenaeCurry) January 2, 2023

Some said they felt sorry for the “sentient dog,” as they believe that she’s self-aware to the point of understanding its own reality.

i feel so bad for that sentient dog from tiktok that’s on antidepressants that keeps asking why she’s a dog and when she will die. she looked in the mirror and said “who that” with her speech buttons i literally can not stop screaming????

— dove (@lovedoveclarke) January 4, 2023

Anime stans will appreciate (or be horrified by) Bunny being compared to Nina from Full Metal Alchemist. IYKYK.

It’s giving Nina from Full Metal Alchemist😵‍💫

— baby goat (@superpartygurl) January 3, 2023

There was also some disagreement over the story, as some believed that Bunny went on antidepressants after learning to communicate. However, others chimed in to share that the dog was on antidepressants beforehand, though the situation as still strange to some.

She is a dog that has figured out that the other dog in the mirror is actually her and she probably wants to know why she looks like that instead of like her mom which is so crazy.

— dove 🎀 (@lovedoveclarke) January 4, 2023

I read that the dog was already on antidepressants and they made the buttons for her to try and help understand her feelings

— Albaro (@martinez3507) January 4, 2023

i know this is true, but lowkey nuts once u just sit back and think ab it

— Patrick 🧳 (@Pblej1) January 3, 2023

While Bunny’s owners trained her to communicate, one user even hypothesized that  the dog may have had memory of being a person in her past life.

Okay here’s a theory… what if the dog was a human in its past life and now that they’ve taught him words he remembers he used to be human but he can’t get out of his dog life so he’s sad asking why he’s a dog 🥴

— Lo 💛 (@laurynforeign_) January 3, 2023

What do you think about the conversation on Bunny?

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