Soulja Boy Rants After Women Choose Food Stamps Over Him

Soulja Boy Rants After Women Choose Food Stamps Over Him


Soulja Boy recently clapped back against some women who proclaimed that they would rather take $250 in food stamps as opposed to going to dinner with him.

Specifically, Soulja sounded off and declared that he now has a bone to pick with the entire state of New Jersey.

Numerous Women Opted To Take $250 In Food Stamps Over Dinner With The Rapper

The matter was sparked by a video that was uploaded last week to an Instagram page for 856 Entertainment.

The post was centered on capturing various women’s responses to having to choose between dinner with Soulja Boy and $250 in food stamps. For context, this is modeled after the viral question, “Dinner with Jay-Z or 500K?”

In response to the inquiry, the women overwhelmingly shared that they’d rather take the food stamps, and some went a step further by questioning how relevant Soulja Boy is in 2023. Others proclaimed that they “don’t give a f**k” about Soulja, who was also slammed as being “corny.”

Additionally, we should add that the only person who pushed back against taking the $250 in food stamps declared, “I could finesse $250K out of Soulja Boy!”

Soulja Boy Unleashes Online: ‘I’ll Never Touch Y’all H*es!’

Once Soulja Boy caught wind of the initial video from 856 Entertainment, the rapper made his opinion loud and clear in a social media tirade.

He started out by proclaiming that his detractors “are gon’ die broke” before declaring, “I’ll never touch y’all h*es.”

Additionally, as the channel that uploaded the video reps southwestern New Jersey (area code 856), Soulja declared, “New Jersey, n***a! F**k y’all talkin’ ’bout?”

Finally, after again calling others “broke,” Soulja declared, “Y’all b***hes couldn’t come out to dinner with me if y’all wanted to!”

Swipe to see his reaction.

What are your thoughts on Soulja Boy’s response to the women in question, and do you think he took the matter too personally?

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