This Applicator Makes Self-Tanning So Easy and It’s on Sale for $6

This Applicator Makes Self-Tanning So Easy and It’s on Sale for $6

So many shoppers think this is a necessity. Check out these rave reviews.

b.tan Back Self Tan Applicator Reviews

A shopper said, “How did I not get one of these sooner? I am obsessed. Both the hand and back mitts feel like great quality, measuring up to the ones that come with my expensive brands and washes well. I can’t believe I used to self tan without this back mitt thing. Worth the price for sure.”

Another declared, “Game changer. I’m somewhat new to the self tanning game and this took me from okay to obsessed. I use a serum and this spread it so evenly it looked 100% natural.”

Someone raved, “Miracle. This is a game changer. I had no idea what an impact an applicator mitt would do for my tan. Zero streaks, even application.”

A reviewer shared, “I bought this for myself tanning and OMG it is so much better than having it on your hands it is soft it rubs it in good and streak free so no more dark hands and speckled hands it actually helps to keep from streaking because of how soft it is and it makes product go farther.”

“I needed a new tanning mitt and this deal was so good i had to buy. the back tool is very helpful i won’t ever go back to trying to reach my back or just having a splotchy back,” someone reviewed.

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