Tristan Thompson Raises Eyebrows After Sending Malika Huqq Birthday Flowers

Tristan Thompson Raises Eyebrows After Sending Malika Huqq Birthday Flowers

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well the way back into a woman’s heart might be through her bestie! At least, that seems to be the long game Tristan Thompson is playing with Khloé Kardashian after his cheating scandals during periods of their romantic relationship. One of Khloé best friends, Malika Huqq received a bouquet of flowers from Tristan Thompson just in time for her 39th birthday! Khloé friend of more than two decades posted a photo of the gift to her Instagram Story.

The Birthday Bouquet

“Thank you @realtristan13 for my beautiful flowers,” Malika wrote on a photo of the flowers posted to her Instagram Story.

Malika’s bouquet consisted of white flowers, roses and some greenery. The gift came in what seemed to be a grey, stone-like vase. There appeared to be more than two dozen individual stems.

After Malika posted the flowers, folks on the innanet had some things to say. Some people defended the gesture as thoughtful, others spoke on it being a ploy to win Khloé back, while others straight up questioned Tristan’s intentions.

Social Media Reacts 

“This is how I know y’all don’t watch the show Malika was friends with Tristan before he met Khloe,” Twitter user @2skool_4kool_ wrote.

Right Malika and them are just trying to normalize Tristan being in their family again for the media. Like making it known he’s around and painting him like a good guy that they have forgiven. It’s a game,” Twitter user @bigthinkerxo wrote.

Why is Tristan sending Malika flowers? And WHY is she posting it,” Twitter user @lovemeri_ wrote.

Since Malika’s post, neither her, Tristan or Khloé have responded to the public commentary. It’s also unclear if Malika’s twin Khadijah, also friends with Khloé, received a bouquet of flowers to celebrate. However, Malika did send her twin a sweet message on their day.

Happy Birthday to the most incredible spirit I know @foreverkhadijah. I don’t know much but I know I love you,” Malika tweeted on March 10. “That may be all I need to know, I don’t know much but I know I love you That may be all there is to know.”

On Saturday night, Khloé posted two sets of bouquets to her Instagram Story, but no indication if Tristan is the source behind her blooms.

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