U.S. economy disappoints the doomsayers again as unemployment hits lowest rate in 50 years

US President Joe Biden speaks about the May 2022 Jobs Report from the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center on June 3, 2022, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. - US employers added 390,000 jobs last month, the government reported on June 3, 2022, a sign of a slowdown in hiring but still a better-than-expected result. The jobless rate held steady at 3.6 percent for the third consecutive month, just a tenth of a point above the pre-pandemic level of February 2020, the Labor Department said. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The number of jobs added in December, though good, is a decrease from previous months in 2022. That decrease is likely due to two factors: the already tight market for new employees, and the Federal Reserve’s move to repeatedly raise interest rates in an effort to tamp down inflation. The number of new jobs added in December was about twice what the Fed has targeted as “sustainable.”

In fact, the Fed is fully expecting that their interest rate increases will bring on a recession. The increases have made it more difficult for startups to grow and for existing companies to expand. They’re also having an impact on real estate prices, new home sales, and other areas of the economy sensitive to interest rates. In spite of concerns about a housing bubble and office vacancies, construction jobs were up by 28,000. Tech jobs were also up, in spite of widely publicized job losses at Twitter, Amazon, and other billionaire-owned companies. 

The Fed is predicting that employment will fall by over a percent in the coming year as they drop the economy into the cooler. However, so far, the demand for workers hasn’t followed expectations. That’s causing stocks to sink because Wall Street fears the continuing growth in jobs will only encourage the Fed to raise interest rates again—one of the regular demonstrations of the perverse relationship between the stock market and the economic well-being of the average American.

If the stock market hates seeing Americans find work, President Biden does not.

“Today’s report is great news for our economy and more evidence that my economic plan is working,” said Biden. “The unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 years.  We have just finished the two strongest years of job growth in history.  And we are seeing a transition to steady and stable growth that I have been talking about for months.  We still have work to do to bring down inflation, and help American families feeling the cost-of-living squeeze.  But we are moving in the right direction.”

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