Viral Video Shows Stripper Dancing In Suite At Lakers-Bulls Game

Viral Video Shows Stripper Dancing In Suite At Lakers-Bulls Game

A stripper could be seen dancing at a rented suite during the Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers game Tuesday night in a now-viral clip that’s left social media scratching their heads.

A Chicagoan named Jazzy says it was all in good fun for her 32nd birthday and claims everyone if the video has “been friends for 10 years-plus,” according to FOX 32.

Group Seen In Stripper Video At Chicago Bulls Game Claim They Were Just “Having A Good Time”

“We are family and friends,” said Jazzy. “We have all been friends for 10 years plus. When we are together we just have a good time.”

Jazzy was joined by her friend Marcus, who served as the party planner, the outlet reports. The group could be seen flaunting stacks of cash, which was used to shower dollar bills on the scantily clad Jazzy.

“The fans were holding their hands up under us and catching money,” said Marcus.

So this what we doing now in Chicago? Lakers vs Bulls with the strippers in the Suites? They had Level 200 going crazy last night… 😂#ChicagoScanner #Chicago #BullsNation

— Emjay Rivers (@heyFATabbot) March 30, 2023


United Center Where Bulls Play Call Stunt “A Clear Violation Of Fan Code Of Conduct”

The United Center, where the Bulls play during home games, issued the following statement and stated it was a “clear violation of our fan code of conduct,” while adding “they have taken steps to address the matter.”

“We are aware of the video from last night’s game. This is a clear violation of our fan code of conduct and premium seating decorum. We do not condone this behavior and have taken appropriate steps to address the matter.”

The renters of the suite tell the outlet that they weren’t kicked out for the shenanigans, and remain undeterred from keeping the party going.

“If people are going to make it all out of proportion and all that, they’ve never lived man,” says Marcus.

Like cmon why did y’all have a stripper in there like watch the mf game man

— YAZZZZZZZZYYYY (@yazzzzzzzzyyyy) March 30, 2023

Social Media Reacts To Wild Stripper Stunt At Chicago Bulls Game

Social media had a field day with the incident, with some expressing surprise while others claim it was “just another day in the penthouse.”

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“Bulls for the W lmao,” one person wrote. “All I got to say is great music & business promotion lol,” another added.

Chicago Man under investigation for allegedly bringing a stripper to a Bulls game

— The Timeline Podcast (@TheTimelinePod1) March 31, 2023

A third tweeted: “I thought it always like that up there. Otherwise what’s the point?”

“I love my city,” a fourth posted. “This looks fun though.”

Others called the stunt necessary for the Bulls’ ticket sales amidst a difficult season for Chicago.

“Bulls suck, they gotta keep fans there somehow,” a Twitter user joked: “Gotta do something to stay interested, neither one of these teams are over .500.”

Everybody on the internet fake outraged about a stripper at the Bulls game, its people that be doing way worse shit than that, if it was y’all homies y’all would’ve been there too throwing money and having fun.

— Fat Wolf (@FatWolf88) March 30, 2023

Online Critics Slam Group For Stunt, Wish Games Could Be More Family-Friendly

Detractors slammed the group for the antics and wished the games could once again be family-friendly.

“Gross. Bring the old days back. Family time,” one critic opined. “Really? I thought it was a family establishment?” a second questioned.

Another added: “This isn’t a flex man. Can’t even take your family to see the bulls anymore.”

What do you say, Roomies? Were they out of line for the stripper stunt? Or are people overreacting?

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