We Bet You Don’t Know These Stars’ Real Names

We Bet You Don't Know These Stars' Real Names

What is in a name? For these stars, a whole lot.

Because if you ever wondered how their monikers seemed too good to be true is because, well, they are. Indeed, many of your favorite celebrities switched up their names before they skyrocketed to superstardom. Why? Well, for some, their fans had a hard time remembering their names. And, for others, it’s simply a childhood nickname they didn’t want to shake. (Yes, we’re looking at you Miley Cyrus, who legally changed her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus in 2008.

But regardless the reason, plenty of famous faces have decided to reinvent themselves.

For Frank Ocean (born: Christopher Edwin Breaux), changing his name “was the most empowering shit I did in 2010, for sure,” he admitted. “It just felt cool. None of us are our names. If you don’t like your name, then change your name…I’ll be boarding planes as Christopher Francis Ocean.”

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