Wendy Williams Says She’s “Happy to Be Here” In Rare Message to Fans

Wendy Williams Says She's "Happy to Be Here" In Rare Message to Fans

Today’s hot topic? Wendy Williams is ready for her next chapter.

Two months after her stay at a wellness facility, the former talk show let her fans know how she’s doin’ while promoting her The Wendy Experience podcast merch.

“Happy holidays!” the 58-year-old began in a short clip posted to her podcast’s Instagram Dec. 25. “‘Tis the season for the winter. Listen, don’t forget to check out your favorite Wendy Experience merchandise. I don’t know what else you’re doing. I’m just happy to be here—and be, well, happy to be here.”

And, in Wendy’s opinion, you’ll be happy once you slip on items from her line. “The gear features comfortable hoodies and caps featuring many of Wendy’s famous quotes,” her rep Shawn Zanotti told E! News. “Shirts lined with words like ‘How You Doin’, ‘Excuse Me’ and many more classic Wendy sayings.”

Since The Wendy Williams Show ended in June and she completed a two-month stay at a wellness facility in October, Wendy has focused on her future. 

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