What A Year! Recap Of 2022 Memes & Social Media Trends

What A Year! Recap Of 2022 Memes & Social Media Trends

With the year coming to a close, social media‘s beginning to flood with people looking back on what 2022 had to offer. From photo dumps to reflections on what they’ve learned, many are warmly recapping standout moments.

Similarly, we’re looking back on some of the memes and trends took off of social media this past year.

Buckle up, because here’s a month-by-month look at some of 2022’s most memorable memes and trends.

January: Euphoria Memes

The second season of Euphoria premiered on HBO Max at the start of the year, and it spawned a number of iconic memes as it aired through the end of February.

The principal of euphoria highschool pic.twitter.com/ZeBbcjrW14

— corvs↝ (@Gushieee) January 12, 2022


— out of context euphoria (@ooceuphoria) January 26, 2022

i wanna see him in euphoria pic.twitter.com/aQZ2zyO6Kd

— 🍑 (@PEACHYBLACKG0RL) January 11, 2022

one of the kids from euphoria dropped her backpack :(( pic.twitter.com/h93J1Qhai0

— carter hambley (@carterhambley) January 13, 2022

February: Julia Fox’s Antics

Julia Fox fell onto many people’s radars in early 2022 after debuting her now-expired relationship with Kanye West, and her antics swiftly made her a recurring subject online.

From an eyebrow-raising photoshoot to her pronunciation of “Uncut Gems,” Julia Fox was that girl among memers at one point. Additionally, her loyal Twitter following continues to highlight her antics, so we could get more Julia Fox memes in the future!

and WHAT is going on with the rocks…

— sandy (@sandyhonig) February 14, 2022

The feminine urge to do a Julia fox photoshoot here pic.twitter.com/BoVQLz7ED8

— lily (@lillianpat2012) February 20, 2022

These Julia Fox – Uncut Gems muse videos have been bringing me so much joy the past couple days! 🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/z7A885DodY

— awalkingthrophy (@Robbi_Bobbi_Jae) February 17, 2022

Julia Fox Spider from School
of Rock pic.twitter.com/qgAdP02z27

— Yeah? Yeah. (@missrjevans82) February 4, 2022

Julia Fox’s next photoshoot pic.twitter.com/DKHDmiJ2gA

— KIЯK (@Iostb0y_) February 8, 2022

Obsessed with how the Julia Fox photoshoot had the most disgusting rock I’ve ever seen pic.twitter.com/UbY0LzHN45

— Samir (@JustSamirOnly) February 15, 2022

March: Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

At the 94th Oscars ceremony, Chris Rock took things one step too far after clowning Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairstyle. In turn, Will Smith confronted Chris and slapped him in the face.

The moment spawned a number of memes. In addition to the incident between Will and Chris, the internet latched onto Lupita Nyong’o’s reaction.

The most memorable moment of the Oscars, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock got immediately turned into a meme template, and new versions keep every minute.https://t.co/V548hWFEFy pic.twitter.com/R0XXEZW2Zz

— Know Your Meme (@knowyourmeme) March 28, 2022

lupita realizing the slap will smith gave chris rock was legit represents me pic.twitter.com/AJlnlBwiTm

— ruby (@17MINUTESX) March 28, 2022

LUPITA WAS ALL OF US #Oscars pic.twitter.com/UeUxXT0nvf

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) March 28, 2022

April: Viola Davis As Michelle Obama

Upon Viola Davis portraying Michelle Obama in The First Lady, the internet had some mixed feelings about the way Viola pursed her lips for the part. The jokes were all in good fun, though!

Father GOD pic.twitter.com/ff8ybgZPZB

— The Bulletin (@onthebulletin) April 15, 2022


Viola Davis playing Michelle Obama: pic.twitter.com/MHQ8wns4OS

— K (@sirK88) April 18, 2022

Viola Davis saw Michelle Obama do the lips thing once , and ran with it 😭 pic.twitter.com/qN6F20GH3I

— achumile martin (@achumilem1) April 21, 2022

literally nobody:

Viola Davis playing Michelle Obama: 😗

— lea (@bigfatmoosepssy) April 16, 2022

May: ‘Legs, Hips, Body’ By Kandi Burruss

“Legs, Hips, Body” by Kandi Burruss became a HIT online back in May for its humorous meme potential.

they was on tiktok calling this a BBL ritual song y’all pic.twitter.com/S3m90BWFyx

— kamani ☆ (@TEXASTITTIE) May 20, 2022


— tre (@trectrl) May 21, 2022

Legsssssss’nnnn Hipsssssss’nnnn BAH DEE BAH DEEEEE 😭 pic.twitter.com/ZIiFeea3Dk

— ChainzWrld (@JustChainz) May 23, 2022

June: The Vengeful Elephant

A story about an elephant crashing an Indian woman’s funeral to trample her dead body circulated earlier this year, and it prompted tons of conversation online.

With such a mind-blowing situation, it’s no surprise that it was ultimately memed!

Me thinking about how the elephant knew the time, day, and location of the funeral pic.twitter.com/oSoSntQ0kY

— FitnessByBravo (@TotalMaxFitness) June 17, 2022

Oprah: So after you killed her you went to the funeral and stomped her some more?

Elephant: Sure did. pic.twitter.com/caHkdIwqEp

— Mamba Out ✌🏾✌🏾 (@kcjj_04) June 16, 2022

the elephant the night before that woman’s funeral pic.twitter.com/LAszW5BXev

— Gorgeous Game Hacking Goon with the nice GLUTES (@TheDgtalEmpress) June 16, 2022


the elephant at that lady’s funeral: pic.twitter.com/DkCkT7fuuT

— 𝐊𝐚𝐲 🦢 (@kayoss) June 16, 2022

That elephant pulling up to the funeral defffff gave black air force energy😭 pic.twitter.com/XDrOUnsCaE

— Ed🗽🤠🇨🇴 (@myVisaExpired) June 16, 2022

July: Mr. Men & Little Miss Memes

This past summer, memes based on characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series inundated the internet.

With the template being so simple yet effective, it was easy for plenty of users to get in on the fun.

Which Mr Men parody meme are you based on your astrological placements?

All photos from starbucksslayqueen on TikTok pic.twitter.com/pV7fohIOuG

— astro memes for nepo baby teens (@magstrology) July 10, 2022

it’s me, im Little Miss pic.twitter.com/Tzg7XebQDB

— fritzstanacct (@roseybunni) July 19, 2022

making mr men memes about men who have wronged u in the past is basically free therapy pic.twitter.com/lxr0UMsnzL

— ✿ nadia ✿ (@lonesomevenus) July 21, 2022

August: ‘It’s Corn!’

After a web series called Recess Therapy interviewed a child named Tariq about corn, his enthusiasm over the food item became a beloved meme.

Additionally, a collaboration with Chipotle came about, as well as a catchy song.

I have been laughing for 5 minutes and I have tears streaming down my face pic.twitter.com/J4RtLq9l65

— Miniature Mayhem™️ (@MelDubs) August 31, 2022

IT’S CORN!!!! 🌽 pic.twitter.com/HbJHKyqEiJ

— Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) August 30, 2022

no one:
absolutely no one:
me to myself: 🌽 IT’S CORN 🌽
I think I found my weekly anthem XD pic.twitter.com/A7Lbpu5zLf

— KHALID◢ RJ ◤ (@KM___moe) September 2, 2022

Wait for it pic.twitter.com/4ivkt8YJMy

— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) August 27, 2022

September: Rihanna’s Super Bowl Announcement

On September 25, Rihanna stunned fans after straightforwardly announcing that she’d perform at the 2023 Super Bowl. Her announcement came through a photo of her tattooed hand holding a football, and it sparked a trend among brands.

Some of the companies that jumped on the trend include Popeyes and Dairy Queen, effectively turning Rihanna’s announcement into a whole social media marketing tactic.

. pic.twitter.com/7oCnFsZH5U

— Rihanna (@rihanna) September 25, 2022

Period pic.twitter.com/6aNhSDeRNm

— Popeyes (@Popeyes) September 26, 2022

period pic.twitter.com/rDOT3np2O9

— Dairy Queen (@DairyQueen) September 26, 2022

October: Spirit Halloween Costumes

As the internet geared up for spooky season, memes centered on the well-known Spirit Halloween costume bags took off.

From celebrities to humorous themes, anything had the potential to be spoofed through this meme template.

November: Kamala Harris Singing ‘Wheels On The Bus’

VP Kamala Harris was caught laughing at her rendition of “Wheels on the Bus,” and the Twitter users were OBSESSED with it.

While videos of Kamala cracking herself up aren’t anything new, something about this incident appears to have hit differently. In fact, she was even compared to the Joker.

the joker before blowing up a bus in gotham pic.twitter.com/fx2Gde4yeC

— ༺𝒢𐀔𝒥༻ (@gothjafar) November 10, 2022

Kamala The Wheels on The bus go round and round pic.twitter.com/WXb0g2zlyu

— Allison Reese Alien Superstar (@alienreese) November 12, 2022

kamala harris singing the wheels on the bus go round and round reaction video stan twitter meme pic.twitter.com/1nCDaIE7nr

— The Memes Archive (@TheMemesArchive) November 14, 2022

December: Dead Celebrity Prank

Finally, we have to acknowledge a recent social media trend that’s centered on TikTokers pranking older adults. Specifically, the videos center on people recording their parents’ reactions to fake news about beloved celebrities passing away.

On top of the videos themselves, people are also spoofing the trend on Twitter with fictional characters.

no im crhing so bad like these poor women pic.twitter.com/b964vDMYRG

— ‎‏ً (@waitisovah) December 24, 2022

Lois Griffin DEAD AT 43 pic.twitter.com/uhmTyeKrTl

— Patty LaCerva 💌𓆦 (@minasdemon) December 25, 2022

omg stop. Charlie Brown dead at 6

— sarah schauer 🦂 (@sarahschauer) December 25, 2022

Shoutout to these noteworthy memes and trends, and let’s gear up to see what 2023 has to offer!

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