What Happened on Blake Shelton’s Final Episode of The Voice

What Happened on Blake Shelton's Final Episode of The Voice

“I think I was close to calling it a day right when COVID hit,” Blake said during a February interview with the TODAY show. “And then, because of COVID, I didn’t want to walk away from the show and leave everybody in a bind. I mean, this show changed my life.”

As for what he thinks about his replacement Reba? There simply couldn’t be a better fit.

“I’m excited about Reba coming on board,” Shelton exclusively told E! News during the May 16 episode. “It’s kind of meant to be I think. From the versions of the story that I’ve heard, she was the original coach that they wanted here on The Voice to be the country representation. So, now that I’ve had my run, for her to finally get the job that she was meant to have to begin with, it will be fun.”

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