Why Olivia Culpo’s Sisters Weren’t Told Before Christian’s Proposal

Why Olivia Culpo's Sisters Weren't Told Before Christian's Proposal

Olivia Culpo was quite surprised when Christian McCaffrey got down on one knee—and she wasn’t the only one.

The model and her sisters Sophia Culpo and Aurora Culpo recently looked back on the magical moment, which neither Sophia nor Aurora were told about in advance.

“I didn’t know,” Aurora recalled in an exclusive April 15 interview with E! The Rundown’s Erin Lim Rhodes at Coachella 2023’s Revolve Festival. “Nobody would tell me.”

According to Olivia, that was “for good reason” as Aurora wouldn’t have kept it a secret from her. 

Likely to keep the special day under wraps, Sophia wasn’t told in advance either. However, “I cracked the code,” the 26-year-old declared of the proposal. “But I was not told. I was just nosy and figured it out.”

As for what went down after Christian popped the question? The Culpo Sisters stars confirmed that they FaceTimed after to celebrate the news.

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