Zelenskyy addresses Congress; Putin vows purge of disloyal Russians

Zelenskyy addresses Congress; Putin vows purge of disloyal Russians

Russian forces continue to fire on civilian city centers, causing mass casualties.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a virtual address to the United States Congress today, a key portion of which was video footage of the devastation caused by Russian attacks—and the many, many civilians now injured or dead. Zelenskyy again asked the United States to intervene directly in the war with the imposition of a military “no-fly” zone. President Joe Biden responded in public with a partial list of new weapons to be delivered to Ukrainian defense forces—and by calling Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.”

That will be the least of Putin’s worries. The strongman today vowed a purge of disloyal Russian officials as he looks to pin blame for Russia’s still-astonishing battlefield incompetence on anyone other than himself and the other oligarchs that turned Russia from a would-be superpower to a hollowed-out kleptocracy. Ukrainian artillery appears to be increasing now that Russian forces are bogged down into relatively stationary positions, but of even more consequence may be a newly announced U.S. shipment of an unknown number of the sort of small, cheap drones that Ukraine’s defenders have been using to such devastating effect already.

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